Zhariyanna’s Story

Before signing on with Encompass, 16-year-old Zharyianna had such high anxiety that she could barely function. Zharyianna was rarely going to school and was struggling with all of her classes. Now, after working with her Encompass counselor, everything has changed. Zharyianna is able to go out with her friends again, she has good attendance, is on the honor roll and is looking forward to college, where she plans to study to someday become a nurse.

Kyara’s Story

With Type-1 Diabetes and serious anger issues, Kyara was headed down a dangerous road. There were times that she was so out of control that her family was afraid of her, and it was hard to find and keep friends. Now, with the support of the program Kyara says her sugars are under control, she’s lost weight, is doing well in school and has “a lot of friends.”

Kyara’s mother says that the program has not only helped her daughter, but the whole family too. And Kyara says that the program has basically saved her life.

Deacon’s Story

Deacon was diagnosed with seven mental health conditions and had attempted suicide seven times before his ninth birthday. Doctors had prescribed pharmaceutical mixes that left Deacon feeling dazed and numb, and other agencies were unable or unwilling to respond to Deacon’s mother’s request for a more natural or homeopathic treatment path. Encompass gave Deacon and his family the freedom to pursue treatments that were more in keeping with their beliefs, and now, with a mixture of alternative therapy and counseling Deacon is med-free and is feeling “like a normal boy.” His mom says, “We wouldn’t be where we are today without the program.”